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CAP Member-Only DPE Directory of Resources for Online Labs!


For specific questions, you can contact DPE Chair, Daria Daria Ahrensmeier. For updates, you may also refer to our website or our division page on the CAP main website.

The past few months have shown the need for – and benefits of – creating and sharing resources for online teaching, particularly labs, within the physics community. While there exist several websites such as that offer CC-licensed materials, we have also noticed that people are interested in learning from (local) colleagues, sharing their own creations, and collaborating on further improvement. This requires a community space where instructors are comfortable sharing their not yet fully polished work with others. This directory provides this space.

If you are willing to share information about an online lab experiment, such as a lab manual, demo video, data sets, assessment rubric, etc., please click here. Your information will allow other DPE members to look at your resource or to get in touch with you, depending on how much you decided to share.

COMING SOON – To view the CAP Member-Only DPE Directory of Resources for Online Labs, please click here (link coming soon). Please note that only non-student full members and high school teacher affiliates of CAP will be able to access this directory.

If you have any questions, contact the members of the working group: Chitra Rangan, Daria Ahrensmeier, Jahanvi Patel, Joanna O’Meara, Jennifer Kirkey.

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